Filter 8™ Polarization

Thanks to Wiley X’s Filter 8™ polarized lens technology, the Wiley X polarized lenses will reduce glare off water and other light colored surfaces like no other polarized lens. The technology consists of 8 layers.

Two Slick™ hydrophobic coatings

Two Selenite™ polycarbonate lenses

Two T-Shell™ scratch-resistant layers

One Violet 4™ anti-reflective coating

Filter 8™ polarized film layer that creates 100% polarization with 100% UV protection


Wiley X Filter 8™ polarized lenses prevent eye fatigue and diminished vision, which can have critical effects. The Wiley X polarized lenses is better at filtering the light, which ensures unequal clarity and contrast. It is innovative technologies like these that make Wiley X the obvious choice during all water activities.