Polarized Lens Anatomy

Silver Flash (Smoke Grey) Lenses
One of the darker lenses Wiley X offers. Multi-coat, Z-Oxide mirror over smoke lenses. Reduces glare. Excellent on bright days.
Light transmission:13% Polarized.

Platinum Flash (Green) Lenses
Multi-coat Z-Oxide mirror over smoke green leses provides maximum glare reduction without distorting colors. Great for general daytime use. Light transmission: 13% polarized.

Greatest clarity in low light situations; blocks blinding glare while preserving sharpness. Ideal for first and last light, fishing, hunting, shooting. Light transmission 30% polarized.

AMBER Lenses
Greatly reduces High Energy Visible light and haze, improves contrast and depth perception. Ideal for fishing, golf, tennis.
Light transmission 14% polarized.

Polarized bronze lenses
For superior visual definition. Increase contrast, enhance ground level contours in most light conditions.
Light transmission:18% P olarized Bronze.

Great for sunny conditions; polarized version is ideal for fishing in shallow water and target shooting.
Light transmission 12% polarized.

Excellent for constant sun or very bright conditions. Ideal mirror for snowboarding, skiing, driving on sunny days or other extreme conditions. Reduces glare and improves contrast. Light transmission 15% polarized.

Emerald Mirror (Amber) Lenses
An amber tinted lens under an emerald green multicoat mirror surface that’s specially designed to amplify color contrast and deliver high visual definition. Distinct colors and crisp acuity in all light conditions for superior vision performance. Light transmission: 18% Polarized.

Blue Mirror (Green) Lenses
Multi-coat, green lenses. Absorb reflections across mirror surface, diminish glare. Ideal in bright conditions. Light transmission: 12% Polarized.

Smoke Grey Lenses
Maximum glare reduction. Won’t distort colors. Excellent in bright/glare conditions.
Light transmission: 12-14% Polarized depending on frame style.

Smoke Green Lenses
Maximum glare reduction without distorting colors. Great for general daytime use.
Light transmission: 13% Polarized.